461320-R1-13-10A“Where are the artists linking social justice to art?
The kind of thing brother Jacob does.” – Cornel West

Jacob Flom is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based artist working as a designer, muralist, printmaker, and photographer. Flom is an Air Force veteran and social justice organizer who’s artwork is inspired by social movements around the world. His practice is dedicated to working with community groups to build a better world based on the principles of social justice and collective liberation. Inspired by the grassroots nature of folk art such as protest banners, street art, and the hip hop movement, Flom uses graffiti and appropriated source material to create new images. The process of creating new images from appropriated material is one method Flom uses to build a vision for a new world from the ashes of the old.

Flom has worked as an artist and organizer with national organizations such as Iraq Veterans Against the War, Students for a Democratic Society, Occupy, labor unions, the Coalition Against NATO/G8, The Coalition to March on the RNC, The Committee to Stop FBI Repression, the United National Antiwar Coalition, and Palestine solidarity organizations. He has collaborated on projects with the Justseeds artist’s cooperative, journalist Jordan Flaherty, and worked as a studio intern for political print-maker Nicolas Lampert. Flom’s protest imagery has been seen in Michael Moore’s film “Capitalism: A Love Story,” USA Today Newspaper, The Nation Magazine, and the National Veteran’s Art Museum.

Flom holds a bachelors degree in Print and Narrative forms, and Photography from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

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Essay: Art in the Age of Imperialism
A living work of political art theory.
The Political Economy of Gettin’ Drunk
The history of beer in the United States, with a focus on the the beer industry in relation to the development of monopoly capitalism and the labor movement.

Mobile Phone Diptychs
Photos taken on my cell phone cameras over the years.