Demand Justice, Milwaukee

demand justice poster 2013 WEB
 A poster design for Trayvon, as well as multiple recent unresolved cases of white on Black murder in the Milwaukee area. Please share, print, etc. A downloadable 18×24 poster version is available here.

We saw the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) go to great lengths to protect Darius Simmon’s killer John Spooner, just like Sanford police went to great lengths to assist Zimmerman. They arrested Simmons’ brother on the scene of the murder, detained his mother for three hours, and searched their home for contraband. At the same time, MPD allowed Spooner to go into his home (part of a murder scene) and “retrieve belongings.” Notorious bigot alderman Bob Donovan even suggested to Spooner that he act as a vigilante.

If it weren’t for the public outcry many have made over these cases taking the streets on a regular basis for the last two years, it is very unlikely that Spooner would have been found guilty of 1st degree homicide. Likewise, without the continuous rallies for Derek Williams, there never would have been an inquest into his death. The inquest we won did not bring justice for Derek, but it exposed the racist and corrupt nature of the injustice system. The Milwaukee Occupy Coalition is a floodlight on all the rapist, murdering police still wearing badges in MPD, on their political supporters, the police and fire commission, the sheriffs office, and the mayors office. Every injustice we expose brings more support to our side.

We still have a long way to go to win the changes we want to see, and to win justice for the victim’s families, but we are winning and white supremacy is losing. We are growing in numbers and strength and they are hiding behind money and power. – Jacob

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