Injustice & Resistance


Foreign Occupation






Civil Disobedience



Direct Action

Self Defense

The series Injustice & Resistance is a series of ten screen prints in two parts: Injustice is represented by five different arms of the government: The police, the military, incarceration, surveillance, and media.  Resistance is represented by five different tactics of resistance to oppression: civil disobedience, strike, art, direct action, and self defense. These opposing forces are representative of two sides of society, and this display asks the viewer to choose a side in the continuing battles between the oppressor and the oppressed.

While the wealthy elite own nearly all of the media, the rest of us need to find new and creative ways to expose our stories. This is why each composition is composed entirely from appropriated images. Remnants of digital texture found in the images speak to the facade of truth that corporate media and advertising present to us.

Although appropriation naturally confronts corporate ownership of intellectual property in particular, the content of these images is intended to challenge unequal ownership of property in general.

While the series is almost absent of text, the conventional format of the prints frames the series as a collection of political posters. Instead of using text within the poster’s composition to condemn injustice, I have used recognizable images of repression such as barbed wire, surveillance cameras, or war scenes contrasted with faces of real workers, students, mothers, and people from around the world who are taking action against such crimes.

The arrangement of space and perspective shifts within each poster as foreground and background merge multiple events together while they happen simultaneously across the planet. By tying together similar actions of resistance from around the globe I hope to illustrate the unity the people of the world are expressing against the common enemy – “injustice.”

In contrast, the Injustice images cannot be placed in one time or space because of the massive and inhuman impact of empire everywhere. This side of the series is nearly faceless, it is represented by the weapons of repression used against the people – riot gear, predator drones, and instruments of control.

Like the high-contrast view of society that is presented in the series, all of the images are full contrast with no mid-tones. My intentions are not to ignore the complexities of our environment, but to promote a deeper understanding of our surroundings.  Injustice & Resistance is a visual journal of the class war happening around us.  From understanding comes the potential for change.

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