The World is Ours

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“The World is Ours” is an installation examining modern social movements, street art, and revolutionary expression that challenges the status-quo. This piece examines street art as an act of resistance that is found on walls everywhere in the world. Graffiti is an act of reclaiming private property for public use, thus challenging our existing notions for the use of public space.

From the revolutionary movements in South America, to Greece and Italy, and even the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, wherever capitalism is in crisis there are signs of resistance to be found in the mass marches, general strikes, and writings on the wall.

In the spirit of activist art, these photographs were created using appropriated images and slogans from real movements around the world. They are pasted on the wall as a collage of posters that tie these struggles together as one piece, just as all these movements are connected in their struggle against the crisis that is capitalism.

We strive to build a world free of racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression. We believe in the basic right to food, shelter, healthcare, and education. The world is ours, take it easy but take it.

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