Movement Designs

Rosemary Williams is a woman in Minneapolis who was foreclosed by her bank when she could no longer afford her ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) increases. Rosemary decided to occupy her own home when the bank refused to work with her. Her struggle united the community, and demonstrated the power of the people to fight back against the powerful banks. After Rosemary and her supporters successfully delayed her eviction by a month, the police showed up to move her out. When the police left, supporters immediately moved her back in. The police were back weeks later to evict her for a final time, but not without a fight. Supporters refused to leave, resulting in arrests. Rosemary inspired other women in her community to fight evictions and foreclosures. This design is dedicated to Rosemary Williams, and the working people who are fighting to keep their homes.

Workers from the victorious Republic Windows and Doors occupation in December 2008. In the center is one of the leaders, UE Local 1110 president Armando Robles. The workers successfully occupied their factory and demanded Bank of America restore funding to the company to keep the workers with a job through Christmas. Bank of America had received a bailout from taxpayers. The bailouts to banks totaled about 1$ trillion. The UE workers courageous struggle showed the workers of the world how to fight back for what is theirs when they won bailout money back from Bank of America. This design is dedicated to my friend Armando Robles, and all the workers of UE 1110.

Students protest Obama’s escalation of the occupation of Afghanistan.

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